Thursday, September 06, 2007

Season's Greetings :-)

My father's drawing of my childhood's Nisse - Norwegian traditional Santa - enlarged and translated into needle and thread by yours truly.

Come December it will hang on the wall here, keeping our Christmas cards. Before that it will double as class pattern and inspiration in my stitchery class. The hand quilting is done with double strand DMC, to keep the simple traditional feeling. I like big stitch quilting - fast, fun and gives a good effect :-)

Next project - Onward Ho :-)


  1. This is so cute. I remember when you started it. What an honor to your Dad.

  2. Den ble kjempesøt - du gleder deg vel til jul allerede kan jeg tenke meg.

  3. Your work is always so lovely. What a great way to remember Christmas Past with your dad.

  4. how sweet! you are really ahead of the game. What a great memory.

  5. I love your father's drawings. The wall hanging is just beautiful.

  6. Looks like you father was a talented artist. Very sweet drawing.

  7. You made such a wonderful project with your Dad's drawing. I really love it! :)

  8. Sweet little stitchery -- fond memories. How dear.

    The string Quilt is just wonderful!

  9. What a great remembrance project. It is wonderful to admire the work of both you and your dad in this quilt.

  10. Hi Hanne,
    What a gorgeous Christmas wall hanging. I LOVE it, and the quilting is adorable too. I have a small painting that my Dad did with nisser too - maybe I should try interpret it into a stitchery!

    I've been following your blog for quite some time now, as you are so inspirational.

    I'm orignally from Denmark, so I was thrilled to read that you went there for your recent holidays. Too bad about the weather though!

    I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and have been here since 1984, and that's when I started quilting too, but I've been in a big slump for the last few years, so I'm hoping to get inspired back to the creating stage again.

    I LOVE your NI blocks too. Are they random blocks that you're doing, or from a book/pattern?

    Keep up your fab work. You are so very talented, inspirational and generous.

  11. This is a very nice project!


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