Friday, October 26, 2007

Stitchers at work

Those on the row behind us actually got son stitching done :)


  1. Thank you for showing us these photos! Give my love to Anne Ida, Anne Heidi, and the other bloggers. I wish I was there!

  2. I loved reading your blogs and its lovely to make other quilting friends and see what others are doing too.


  3. Oh what fun you're all having - I am sooooo jealous! Thanks for sharing the photos of your friends and the projects - I am really enjoying them

  4. Gøy at du viser bilder fra kurset i Trysil! Og så masse kjentfolk der! Koselig å få lov til å "titte innom" på kurset.

  5. Here is alot of nice stuff! Nice blog! You all would have liked to be here in Houston next week for the quilt festival, it is the largest convention that Houston is hosting!

  6. Å ja, jeg tenker du fikk sydd lit du også.........


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