Saturday, October 27, 2007

All good things

All good things comes to an end, and lucky me have had lovely days filled with applique, stitchery, laughter, new and old friends, good food, good wine, a lot of chatter, smiles, smiles and smiles.

May Britt is a wonderful host, we really enjoyed having these days together. We have decided to redo our get-together again in the future - that will be very nice!

Leanne is a dream to be with - as if you do not know - a well of knowledge and inspiration.
Thank you Leanne, for being who you are, for sharing, for your creativity and making people feel special.
You left more than one footprint in my heart! Thank you!

The lovely label will be treasured and absolutely go on the back of my Leanne's House quilt.

My plan is to keep the needle busy stitching my quilt so I am ready to start Sommerfuglhagen - Butterfly Garden - in December when it is released.

Leanne knows how to say Sommerfugl, the Norwegian word for Butterfly - directly translated to Summer bird :-) Hagen = Garden.

Also a special thanks to Siw and Bente for making this dream come through!

I have some more photos to share tomorrow.


  1. This sounds wonderful. Will "Sommerfulghagen" be a BOM, do you think?
    Maybe you'll take the challenge and go teaching other quilters in this?

  2. U huuuu, I missed it all! On the other hand, I am too sick to been able to participate. I'm working on getting on track, and looking for the next opertunity. I know, I know, it does not run that often.....

  3. How lucky for you, May Britt and Anne Ida to have spent time with Leanne. Thanks for sharing her visit with us.

  4. I too have signed up for Butterfly Garden..... waiting (im)patiently for December!!!

    The label will make your LH quilt even more of a treasure!

  5. What a wonderful quilt label you have from Leanne! So glad to hear you had a wonderful time!

  6. It's so nice to read about your wonderful times with May Britt and Leanne! Many, many treasured memories for you to relive in your mind for years to come.

    Love the label - will be perfect on the back of your quilt.

  7. Anonymous7:40 am

    This week will certainly be one to cherish in your memories...
    LOVE your new Blog Header, with your Leanne's quilt, and also your new photo on your sidebar !

    Hugs & smiles,

  8. You have something to live on for some time. Your own label, who would not want her own label?!

  9. Oh, that answers the butterfly quilt question! =) I love your label. Did she make wonderful labels for everyone? How exciting to have that for the back of your quilt!

  10. Are you going to leave the label 'as is' or are you going to stitch it?

  11. Hello.
    Thanks for the wonderful day.I realy hope to see you again soon. ;-) "Sommerfugl-hagen" are comming as a BOM both in QuiltegÄrden and Lille stasjon.Have a lovely time stitching and dreaming about the great time we spend with Leanne.
    Big hug.

  12. What a treasure! Your own personalized label from Leanne. I'm sure you will treasure it forever!

  13. As I can see, you also had a wonderful time! It was so nice to spend the whole week-end there!


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