Sunday, October 28, 2007

Treasures from the travel

Since Leanne had her trunk show last Sunday and through Friday, this is what I shopped.
It is special to have 2 of my 3 favourite quilt shops in one room at the retreat in Trysil - Lille Stasjon + Quiltegaarden + shopping in Elverum too, at Lille Stasjon shop.

Here you see the light green fabrics I will use for Leanne's House border and the fabrics for Ruth's quilt in Leanne's book Living the Dream.
I bought the book in Asker last Sunday together with the other Leanne pattern Flowers & Flutterbyes.

Osnaburg for stitcheries, a yo-yo maker from clover, a skein of embroidery floss, just because I like the color, a pattern from Lynette Anderson on a Christmas table runner, and red buttons for embellishment.

I have never bought almost all the fabrics for a quilt at once, like I did now. It was nice - I will do it again :-)

Now I need to put the pedal to the metal with my Snowman Collector and the last care quilt.
The quilt show in my guild is the weekend in 2 weeks and all things on display will have to be turned in that Friday.
Wish me speed!

PS. I have had questions about the Osnaburg. It is coarser cotton fabric, like a soft linen. I usually use muslin, cotton - linen blend or ordinary quilt fabric. The Osnaburg is just another option. It goes very well with traditional Norwegian Christmas decorations - so, just a matter of taste, but not my first choice  :-)


  1. Anonymous11:42 am

    GREAT shopping !
    "Flowers & Flutterbies" has always been one of my favourite among Leannes patterns... together with many others, of course ! LOL

    By the way, Hanne, what is "Osnaburg" ? I have often seen that name, have asked my quiltshop bu they don't know (?!). I'm using quilter's Muslin for my stitcheries...

    Have a very nice Sunday !

  2. Anonymous12:17 pm

    You can do it! Good luck and Godspeed, lol!!

    Nadine asks a good question...I have seen Osnaburg in the States, but is it okay to use regular old muslin as well for stitcheries?? That is what I have used for a lot of mine

  3. Lovely shopping you did there Hanne, I'll have to have a look at that pattern from Leanne, looks very pretty.

  4. Wonderful treats from your shopping experience. I love osnaburg and even find myself using it on the back of primitive type pillows.

  5. I have both Leanne’s books. They are full of inspiration. I kind of had a private workshop today. I bought Homespun with the video on which Leanne explaines how to make a journal with fabrics. Wonderful to see a face and hear a voice of someone you admire!

  6. What terrific things you bought! I, too, couldn't resist that red variation when I saw it at the show a couple of weeks ago. That one, and one of the green/blue/yellow ones. =) Will the butterfly quilt be one of your next projects?

  7. WOW the fabrics are sooooooo lovely, I'm starting to do more on my quilt now...the tablerunner is done........

  8. Hi! Thank you for a great evening friday! The weekend has been fantastic, and we missed you! Your shopping looks great! And way to go on the top banner on your blog! It looks great!! Hugs...

  9. Hanne,

    One thing about Osnaburg that I seem to remember from my cross-stitching days (before quilting) is that like linen, Osnaburg is an even weave fabric. That is, the number of threads in the crosswise direction is the same in the lengthwise direction (the warp and the weft). As far as I remember, Muslin is not evenly might be 60 threads per inch in one direction and 72 per inch in the other. So if you are doing a counted stitchery, you need an evenly woven cloth or you'll be in trouble lining your stitches up.

    For something like redword, it doesn't matter :-)

    Oh, and osnaburg is coarsley woven, often containing slubs.

  10. Hi Hanne
    Great shopping and I love the block that Leanne did for you...........very special........and a great time with May Britt.....

  11. Lovely and great work!! Don't you love those days when you just have time devoted to quilting?


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