Thursday, October 11, 2007

Very busy week

A week pass so fast when the days are full - or maybe it is age?
Days never passed this fast before, did they ??

During last weekend I had the pleasure to spend time in class with my guild. The topic was triangle paper, both half square triangle paper and quarter square triangle paper, and a lot of different how to-s.
We had a lovely time - learning, sewing, chatting, sharing ideas.
The little Janome Platinum 760 proved itself very good at precision sewing.

After the weekend I have been working on something I can not show you yet - remember, Secrecy Season and soon Christmas :-)

I can show you what I bought when I did comfort online shopping 2 weeks ago though. It came in the mail this week - to be fondled and enjoyed :-)

The CD with Lynette Anderson on punchneedle that came with the Homespun magazine is a true treat! Lovely lady with lovely designs and a very pleasant way to show her work. See her blog September 26.

The band aid is off my eye this week and the scar is nearly invisible already, thanks to a very very skilled surgeon! She was not a plastic surgeon but an orthopedic surgeon on ER night shift - with a amazing hand in stitching.
I am a lucky girl indeed !! :-)


  1. Great purchases! I have the two Jo Morton books and they are both wonderful. Nice quilt blocks, too. I'm glad your bandage is off and the scarring is minimal. Stay upright now, okay?

  2. Anonymous8:10 am

    A nice class, and treats, fun mail... what else ? (George Clooney maybe ? LOL LOL)

    Enjoy, Hanne, and I'm happy for you eye good healing.

    Big ((HUGS)) and smiles,

  3. Lovely blocks. It seems it was a very funny and productive class.

  4. I've been wishing over the Rememberances books-- I'm going to have to talk to Santa...Great comfort shopping

  5. Nice blocks...I'm glad you are enjoying your new little machine. I'm loving all of your purchases. You have such good taste. Happy to hear the eye is well. Take care and enjoy your goodies!

  6. Lovely blocks! You've got some fun mail!

  7. What lovely blocks and great fabrics as well. I too am working on my Santa Surprise ..... it'll be fun to see everyone reveal their goodies. How nice that your scar is almost invisible.

  8. HST's are such fun. I find them to be a great leader/ender item.

    Glad to hear that you are healing at last...........

    Have a good weekend.

  9. I LOVE triangle paper! I use the Triangles on a Roll when I need to make a lot and Thangles when I just need to make a few. Great blocks!!!

  10. Very nice purchases,isn't that magazine Homespun a treat?I have read it for app. a year now,and I love it!

  11. what a lovely bloccks. and a great purchase Hanne!

  12. It is good to hear about your scare. I bet your DR would be a great hand quilter.

    I am amazed at how may blocks can be made with both half square and quarter square triangles.

  13. great patterns and the blocks up the top......

  14. I just found you working my way around the Q4P ring and enjoyed your blog very much. I really love your snowman quilt..I'm partial to snowmen and want to make a nice applique one someday.


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