Friday, October 05, 2007

Steps forward

I have had a R&R day, with a good book in bed, sleeping most of the time, and now the flu symptoms are nearly gone!

I could not let this be a day without any progress - you know me - a day without anything quilt related is a wasted day :-)

I have something else going as well, but it is less than 3 months until Christmas and Secrecy Season has started in my sewing corner.

I am not making much in for Christmas in my sewing corner this year.
DH and I have planned a quiet pre-Christmas season after a very tough year health wise.
I am enjoying every day now - even a flu day, as a flu will pass within days.
Steep hills puts life into new perspectives indeed. I do not sweat the small things that much anymore......

I am looking forward to attending a weekend class in my guild, on Triangle Paper. I have used Triangle Paper a lot, but I am looking forward to bring me new little sewing machine, spending time with very nice people and a nice teacher, doing nothing but sewing and enjoying for the whole weekend. I am sure I will learn some new tricks too.


  1. The Snowman Collector blocks are looking really nice.

  2. Hanne, I'm sending get-well wishes your way. Hope you are feeling much better soon. The Snowmen blocks look terrific. Wish I only had one large UFO. :-)

  3. I love the Snowman Collector Blocks! You are so right Hanne! Steep Hills put life into new perspectives indeed! I too am sending get well wishes your way! get well soon!

  4. Get well soon and enjoy your class this weekend. What class are you taking??

  5. I have the snowman collector pattern..........and seeing your blocks make me want to dig it out and get started. They are so cute.

    Take care and feel better........can't stitch if you are sick!!!

  6. I'm so pleased you're starting to feel better Hanne, cold and flu are no fun at any time.
    Your snowman blocks are just gorgeous, I really love them.

  7. Her er det de små skritt som gjelder, - så lurt at det ble en rolig jul. I blandt må vi stikke fingeren i jorda og kjenne på temperaturen :-)
    Å nei, ikke julegavetid: Blir det en stille blogger på Skårer nå?
    Ønsker deg en trivlig helg med ny symasking og godt sylag, - bli bra snart!

    :: Here I can see it's the small steps that counts, and I liked the idea of you and hubby and a quiet X-mas time.
    Oh, no, not X-mas presents in the furure pickture: Will there be a quiet blogger from your corner of Norway now?
    Have a great weekend with friends, new machine, - get weel soon!

  8. Håper det er slutt med å få seg en på tygga for ei stund nå. Kos deg i helga!

  9. Nice........ It feels so good to see a plan come together....

    Glad you are feeling better....

  10. I'm glad you are feeling better. The snowman blocks are adorable!

  11. glad to hear you are on the mend-enjoy your special weekend of class and stitching!

  12. Happy to read you are doing better! Take care!

    Your snowmen are coming along nicely - just think of how happy you will feel if this is ready by December :o)

  13. Your snowmen blocks are adorable. I'm glad you're starting to feel better!

  14. wow-you have had a time, haven't you? I'm a bit late catching up on blogs--so am now just reading about your little accident. I'm glad to hear you are progressing so well. But I think a nice quiet weekend, sewing at your own pace and just enjoying the presence of other quilters is just what you need! Have fun and hope you stay healthy and SAFE! :)

  15. Wonderful!!!
    Hugs&kisses from Italy

  16. Your snowman blocks are adorable! I guess I had better get back to doing mine! I got about 1/2 through and just stopped! I should get it finished!


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