Thursday, November 01, 2007

October Tally

By the start of the month I had 3 care quilts un-quilted and without binding, the Snowman Collector BOM in plain blocks and Leanne's House BOM as work in progress.
Now, I have the 3 care quilts quilted and with binding - the last one, the blue and green finished last night.
The Snowman Collector BOM is lacking only one border of small squares. I have a date with DH for sandwich-ing the quilt tomorrow afternoon.
Leanne's House BOM has got all blocks pieced, some blocks joined, and close to one more block all done.
All in all a productive month :-)


  1. The string quilts are ALWAYS my favorite. Great job!

  2. The snowmen are really cute but I'm also partial to the string quilts. I'm grabbing the photos for the HeartStrings site, OK. Will you let me know when they are donated so I can add them to the donations list? You do great work!

  3. Wow, the string quilts look great! I like the scrappy ones with just a center string being the same color, but now I think I like these more controlled color ones just as well!

  4. I especially love the red and yellow string quilt!

    Can you tell me something? I know an English girl on one of my email lists, and she has been wondering where she can donate care quilts in Europe, so I figured I could ask you where donate them and pass the information along to her...Thanks!!!

  5. These are all fabulous looking! October was a fruitful month.


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