Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hanne's November Challenge

I enjoy giving myself a challenge, so November is no exception :-)

You see the Snowman Collector BOM - lacking one border - I am making this one into a generous lap quilt for the living room.
If I can, I will love to have this quilt done by next Friday, for my local guild's bi-annual show.
I will machine quilt the frames and sashing, and add hand quilting around the applique later.

Leanne's House BOM is still with me - all blocks pieced, block # 6 nearly done. I lack the stitchery and applique on the last 3 blocks + joining, border and hand quilting.
I don't think I can finish it this month, but I know I will move it in the right direction by making myself accountable.

The Peace and Plenty stitchery from Leanne's class - I will love to have it finished to the show if I can!

A little Bronwyn Hayes stitchery - cushion for the show ?

Nearly Insane red and white blocks - goal is to add more blocks to the box. I have ordered machine quilting for this quilt in the spring..... Optimist - yes, that's me :-)

Do you enjoy a challenge ?
Feel free to join in the fun !


  1. Hanne, I can not follow work to fast *LOL*

  2. I look forward to see the quilts done. Your Leanne's House looks great!
    I am going to make that too, when QuiltegÄrden have the pattern available. I really look forward to start with it.
    Happy quilting:-)

  3. Join in the fun!?! *lol* Wow, you make me breathless with your goals! But seeing all you managed last month I won't say it's impossible to achieve them! Keep up the great work!

  4. Both of these quilts are just awesome. I love the snowmen! It's so cute. I have Leanne's quilt on my wishlist, one day I will do them :)

  5. I consider every day of my life to be a challenge, and part of it are all the projects on my list. You work so fast, I can’t believe...!

  6. I agree you are an energizer bunny! I am a turtle! I will just let you inspire me!

  7. Oh Hanne, your quilt is wonderful! I have so enjoyed watching you ladies and your class with Leanne. You really do wonderful work!

  8. You have put a lot of pressure on yourself. Good luck. I don't work well under that kind of pressure.

  9. You have put a lot of pressure on yourself. Good luck. I don't work well under that kind of pressure.

  10. Oh good - I was very inspired by your October challenge so I am taking one on for November myself.

  11. That's a decent challenge you have set yourself. Sure I will join the challenge.... Don't think I'll be able to match you, but I'll find a challenge suited to my speed :)

  12. Wonderful goals! I've been thinking about challenging myself with a list such as yours. I have so many stitchery and hand applique projects in various stages that a challenge is probably a very good idea. I do work well under pressure.

    I might just decide to join you and maybe you can prod me along. :-)

  13. Wow that is a big challenge, but I am sure you will get a lot of it done.

  14. For not wanting to finish all the snowman blocks you have gotten all but the final border. Wow! Good job.

  15. Love the snowman quilt!

  16. Good luck with your November goals. With your persistence I'm sure you'll achieve all of them.

  17. Anonymous9:11 pm

    OK, Hanne, I'll join you in the fun. Actually, I do work well under pressure, too. So maybe it's just what I need to stretch myself, and get a finish, at least.
    THANKS !
    Check my blog :) ...

    Hugs & smiles,

  18. You kept showing Leanne's House. I could no longer resist. I contacted Honeysuckle Cottage and signed on for their BOM of that quilt.

    You are getting so many wonderful things done.

  19. It looks as if you have plenty of quilt things to keep you busy through the winter! Do you have a fireplace? I love to stitch by a fire. =)


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