Sunday, November 25, 2007

This & That

Thursday I had a lovely visit - May Britt :-)
I picked her up at a bus stop at 8.40 am and we spent the day together, chatting, laughing and sewing, until she had to move on in the afternoon.
Our meetings are always so nice, and I treasure the moments.

Wednesday I met both Anne Ida and Nemo when they visited my local quilt guild, but the photo did not do them justice, so I am not publishing it.
I guess they are happy about that !
Very nice young ladies deserves a nice photo too.

The Friendship Basket top is finished and is waiting for hand quilting.
Come tomorrow I will find a fabric to use for backing - promise.

Yesterday I tried to do some serious organization here in my sewing corner, putting away fabrics that are not in use anymore.
Turning my back there a moment and my grand-cat took control - no more organization for a while.
Cat control of fabrics is a serious matter :-)

Joining Judy's gang of stash reducers is paying off:
I am making a quilt for the couch and I am using from my fabric collection.
Since it is less than a month to Christmas I am planning to finish this quilt asap.
EQ calculates approx 8 yards, including backing, and I am not going to buy anything!
I am picking fabrics from the top shelf, including batik, Japanese fabrics, CW repros and all.
So far it looks good!


  1. Anonymous6:37 pm

    I'm sure you had a very nice day with May Britt...
    Hmmmm, looking at the picture, this couch quilt is gonna be something. AND, last but not least, your Friendship Basket quilt is gorgeous, Hanne !

    Looking at your sidebar, I notice you'll be going to SHIPSHEWANA ? This is fantastic ! I bought the "Shipshewana Quilt" pattern last year, but still haven't started it. It's a real beauty, and I want to make it in Amish plain colours. The Shipshewana story is amazing ...

    Hugs & smiles !

  2. I know you enjoyed your visit with May Britt. I dream of going to Europe to visit you, May Britt, Nadine, Anne Ida and so many others. That would be sooooo much fun. :-)

    Your stashbusting couch quilt is going to be wonderful.

    I need to join Judy's stash busting gang but I'm not sure how to approach my stash. :-( LOL

  3. Spend a day with May Britt and another day with other quilting buddies sounds like so much fun. Good job on the stash busting!

  4. I wish I were there... You have so much fun, and you are so clever! And I understand you use your stash, when everything in your stash is so pretty. You should have seen mine...
    Have a nice week!

  5. We had such a nice sewing day together. Always giving vitamin Q. I follow you quilting the Friendship basket quilt.

  6. May Britt looks very comfortable there. I love your friendship basket the sayings are just right. I also love your colours and the three different coloured flowers a job well done.

  7. Love your friendship basket - lovely colours. And looking forward to seeing your progress on the stash busting quilt.

  8. The basket looks great! I love the idea of using all these different styles of fabric together. That's going to be so nice!

  9. That cat has such a satisfied smirk on it's face, LOL.

  10. Happy monday! What an inspirational post! Looks like you and May Britt had a great day, and it was great to meet you on wednesday (thank you for not posting a non-justice-pic! *lol*). I love your friendship basket! You did a great job so far! I love the look of your stash quilt - look forward to seing more of it! Take care!

  11. gorgeous friendship block-and what fun to visit with quilty friends! hurray for stash busting.

  12. How lovely for you and May to have had some time together.

    And you even had help selecting the fabric for your quilt..........

  13. I love your Friendship Basket quilt! I know you'll enjoy quilting that one. It's always nice to have friends who can share quilting time with us. Good luck with your stash busting.

  14. You are so lucky to have so many great quilting frineds! I think I see snow behind May Britt... how pretty!

  15. I always love to see what you girls are up to on the other side of the sea. Your Friendship Basket is wonderful, just like you!

  16. It is so fun to see what you are doing on the other side of the ocean. Looks like you are having fun. boy, it sure looks cold there!! I am busting stash, too, but added a little to it too...this week...sigh............



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