Thursday, November 22, 2007

To my Secret Santa

Dear Secret Santa

I like that the present from you will be a surprise until I open it.

I know I will know who sent it to me when I see the labels on the envelope, but the content will still be a surprise, if you don't show a photo on your blog.
I love surprises and I love the sweet Christmas anticipation!
I am so much looking forward to open your packet when the Christmas tree is decorated and the Christmas feeling is in my house, on Christmas eve, December 24th.

Since I will know by the labels who sent me a Christmas surprise, I will let you know when the packet has safely arrived.

Thank you Secret Santa :-)


  1. All the anticipation and fun!!

  2. You're good Hanne....I'd be ripping right into

  3. It is the most fun to wait and anticipation..mmmmmm

    Have fun!! JulieQ


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