Sunday, December 02, 2007

A busy week

Finishing the Secret Santa Christmas Swap gift, mailing this and that as old fashioned snail mail to friends, working on my different projects, keeping up some early December traditions, exercising and more, and there goes a week as fast as a rocket.

After finishing the Secret Santa gift I finished a delayed gift, a cushion cover, finished all from fabric collection, now wrapped and sent.

This is DD2's Christmas calendar this year, filled with a packet for each day, from December 1st to December 24th, Christmas Eve, when we celebrate Christmas here.

DD1 said she wants her childhood calendar where she lives, but mom could not help herself, and made packets for the 4 Sundays of Advent, as she is home during the weekends.

The stash buster project is progressing and is now sandwiched.
My beloved grand-cat offered her help in the process !

My desk is cleared and the quilt is ready for machine quilting now. All is taken from stash - all the fabrics, the batting and the thread.
I will start the machine quilting tomorrow morning.


  1. Good job on using everything from the stash!! Looks like you're all ready to start quilting.

  2. This looks like the very same block I'm using for my Jelly Roll. It looks great.

  3. Great cushion - love the design you did. The Christmas calendar is so cute, and the weekends - well, you have to have a little something! =) Your quilt is really pretty. I like the simple two-color designs like this a lot. Great stash busting!

  4. Your cushion looks great! I love the quilt, the colours, the pattern!! Wonderful machine, I always lurk at other quilters machines.

  5. Ja dager og uker flyr avgårde. Men nå er vi endelig i kosemåneden desember. Lekkert putetrekk!

  6. Du er flittig som alltid! Pakkekalenderen er flott - det samme er teppet. Likte de jord-fargene.

  7. Great stashbustingquilt!!!! And now I go and open my 1st advendt calender surprise from you :)

  8. Flott brunt teppe du har laga. Og tusen takk for adventsgave-overraskelsespakken som kom i går.

  9. I love DD2 advent surprises you are very organised. Your quilt looks lovely.

  10. lovely stash buster top! I think your secret Santa package will be a hit-and you got so much done this


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