Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday report

Advent is my favourite part of the Christmas celebration.

Decorating with lights in the middle of the darkest season, the smells from baking and cooking.
I do not bake as much as before - just our favorites and I am not washing down the whole house.
We have our favourite dishes and our favourite traditions - something to look forward to.

The quilt is quilted and ready for binding. Straight line quilting is not my favourite and even with a dual feed system on my sewing machine I find it challenging.
As I use cotton batting and wash the quilt when it is done, the seams gets a little more buried. I like the look then, a little antique.


  1. I love Advent too and I really like what you have been doing with your photos lately. Very fun borders.

  2. I can't believe how fast you are at quilting! We just saw that quilt top as a flimsy!

  3. I love your brown and white quilt. Reminds me of a cup of coffee. I like Advent too. I forgot until the middle of the day today that it is the first Sunday in Advent.

  4. It may not be your favorite kind of quilting but it looks really nice on this quilt.

  5. I love the scrappy quilt, and the quilting looks fine. I like to use cotton and then wash it, too. I like that old fashioned look.

  6. Your star with the lights is so nice, would love to find something like that .
    I like this quilt and the quilting is great. Your right when you wash it you will give it an aged look.
    I like the colors /fabrics you chose for this quilt

  7. Your quilt looks lovely and so does your lightened star! That reminds me of my silver ones, somewhere hidden in the garage...

  8. What a lovely quilt - looks like a "latte" to me. Very comforting colours and you sure were speedy with the quilting.

  9. That quilt is lovely - I like it a lot. Something like that may have to go on The List. (I am very partial to brown, for one thing)

  10. I love the quilt, it looks so warm an cozy :D

  11. Anonymous4:48 am

    I just love this pattern quilt. I made a baby size one this year of just light and darks. I also love the cotton batting, the way it shrinks up.



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