Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Early morning magic moment

This is how I (re)charge my batteries -
by creating small moments of magic flow.

Feel the taste of the fresh coffee
and see the quiet flickering of the candle.

The softness of the fabric
and the lovely deep red thread
feels good in my hands.

This is my moment, undisturbed.


  1. Perfect, Hanne. Thank you.

  2. Undisturbed moments are the best!

  3. These morning moments are so important to us, I know.
    It makes my day, just to be still and enjoy the moment of sewing.

  4. "Dem bamsan va no bra søt ja". Og en morgenstund i fred og ro er vel heller ikke å forakte. Ha en fin dag.

  5. Mornings are the best time for me...love the peacefulness....thank you for sharing!

  6. Anonymous4:18 pm

    found your morning meditation while surfing around. I have those moments before my kids come home and start to quarrel and play loud music. After reading your post I immediately lit a scented candle and made myself a cup of coffee:)

  7. I love mornings with a cup of tea, candlelight and stitchery. And a fire in my woodburner. Those bears are sooooooo cute.

  8. I know that feeling. Enjoy it!

  9. I agree! Take time to stop and relax and enjoy :)

  10. I like your morning meditations. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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