Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Friendship Basket quilt

Tada - another finish !

The Friendship Basket quilt from Leanne's class in Trysil is done :-)

My basket is filled with friends, laughter and good memories.

The sayings around the edges was May Britt's idea, and all but the bottom one is her prep work before class. I changed the bottom one after I came home.
Leanne generously wrote the saying for us, on paper, so we could write them in her hand writing on our quilts.

I will hang this small quilt on the wall in my hall, to greet me every day.

I didn't mention that the hand quilting is done with Perle Cotton, did I ? A different experience indeed.
It has it's good sides and not so good sides.
I will do it again - promise!


  1. WOW, Hanne......I did send something to you ;-)

    I love that basket.

  2. Hi Hanne. Your Friendship Basket is just beautiful. Lovely choice of fabrics. Would be interested to hear your thought on using perle cotton for quilting, advantages versus disadvantages. I've not tried it myself. Christmas blessings to you.

  3. That looks great, I really like your colour choices. The verse looks really good, its a nice idea.

  4. That' a lovely quilt and so nice to welcome visitors.

    One of my quilting friends does lots of her handquilting with perle cotton. When she uses it, she does "Big Stitch Quilting" making her stitches much larger than normal...about 0.5cm. I have not tried it yet, but she tells me it goes quickly using the larger quilting stitch.

  5. That is adorable and what a beautiful keepsake full of memories of your classes with Leanne.

  6. Great. You have finished yours. I will work on mine this christmas. Starting to quilt it now :) and want to hang it up above the sofa when I take down the christmas quilts over it.

  7. Hanne, your basket quilt is gorgeous!
    I love the embroidery around the basket, too. It adds just something special to the whole project. Great

  8. Hanne, Your friendship basket is lovely. You were so fortunate to take a class with Leanne. Every one of her patterns are wonderful. I am sure that where ever you hang your basket it will be beautiful.

  9. Beautifull. Congrats on the finish.

  10. Beautiful, Hanne! I love it!!

  11. What a pretty quilt, and a wonderful keepsake from your time with Leanne! You made a really nice job on it!

  12. I love your basket quilt, it is so pretty. Your fabric choices are so beautiful.
    I haven't tried to quilt with perle cotton but I have tried fine hand dyed silk thread and it quilts a dream. The silk goes through like butter. Elly


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