Friday, December 21, 2007

Nearly Insane again

This week started sad, with DFIL in hospital.
He has been a trooper with his cancer for 2,5 years, but now........
If you are so inclined, keep him in your thought - he has very very tough days, and it is hard on us all to see him suffer so much.

What else can a quilter do than to sew ?

I thought I had more of these Nearly Insane blocks - around 50, but nope, I had only 43 and the full quilt is 98 blocks.
I have booked time for machine quilting in mid March, so now - the pedal to the metal.
My plan is to finish the blocks by the end of January so I can make the border and finish the top by the end of February.
Then I have a couple of weeks of slack if life becomes to busy.

This is a cat with an (c)attitude!
It is not easy to sew with fur and paws all over the place, but we came to an understanding in the end :-)


  1. I have been wanting to make one of those quilts too. I'll watch you first to see if it really does make you insane. Looking at the book it seems to be a high probability!

  2. How much I enjoy visiting you and sharing your days.

    Then Nearly Insane is on the road to being a glorious finish this year.

  3. Rødt og hvitt er flott!! Blokkene dine er så fine.
    Egentlig er jeg glad jeg har en labrador og ikke en katt.....
    Enig med deg - vi gleder oss til sommeren!


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