Monday, December 17, 2007

Stash busting ?

Both yes and no - sort of :-)

I made the quilt for my friend's birthday from fabric collection - front, backing, batting, thread and all.

The Friendship Basket quilt is also all from fabric collection.

I purchased these 3 meters Tuesday last week. I plan to put some in my NI quilt and some in another quilt I will be teaching after Christmas, so they are not for stash enhancing though :-)

A cute Christmas stitchery from Candlelight Creations also came home with me - nothing I will make for this Christmas but maybe for the next.


  1. You did good! Love the soft colors of the fabric you bought. You have a plan for it so we'll just not worry about that fabric, ok? :)

  2. Just enjoy the fabric you've bought!!! They are soooo beautifu, so is the new pattern.

  3. Well done, some used and some new that will not get dusty on the shelf :-) And the best: keeping track of it all and telling us about it!

  4. A very pretty collections of fabrics - such soft colors, as Judy said. And I love the stitchery. I think you definitely needed these things!


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