Thursday, December 13, 2007

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

I am a lucky quilter - look what I got as my swap gift !!
Thank you Nan, Quilting in Doxie-Land :-)

The packet was delivered on my door, by Fed-Ex, and the outside label said Nancy.......
On Elf Donna's sidebar list are 2 Nancy-s, so I had to open the box to find out more, so I could tell the sender the packet arrived safely.

I saw the packets had been opened before, by customs, for control, and I could not help seeing what was in the gift paper as paper was just laying on top of the gifts.
Maybe we can give customs a class on gift re-wrapping ;-)
I am happy the customs had not tasted my chocolate though - it is Mine !

I put the box aside deciding to enjoy the content on Christmas Eve anyway, but my furry grand-cat did not approve.
What customs control had started she finished - she wanted the box for herself !
Lille Rusk sends her purrs and licks to Nan too - a purr-fect box can never be overrated !

Look how lovely Nan's table runner looks on my coffee table!
Her work is wonderful and the fabrics are just so nice !

Thanks again Nan - your table runner will be taken well care of here and I am looking forward to use it many Advents!


  1. Testing, testing, 1,2,3,... does this message come through?

    Thank you for a lovely and social evening last night - both Tonje and I will definitely be back! And it was so great to meet you in person again :o)

    That pressie from Nan is soooo pretty! Lucky you! Enjoy both the runner and the candy for the weeks to come :o)

    Advent hugs...

  2. Doesn't Eve look comfortable! oh to be a cat!!

  3. Anonymous6:09 pm

    What an adorable runner, and those chocolates look divine.

  4. It is so cheerful there with the candles and flowers.......

    And Lille Rusk got a gift too..

  5. You received some wonderful present! I received kmine yesterday, but everything is still in the box.... for now..!

  6. This tabelrunner is sooooooooooooo georgius. You are so lucky. I have still not opened my present LOL

  7. You have received a wonderful present, lucky you! And your cat is an eager one, I know the type... Tomorrow I'll post a photo of your Christmas Mouse!

  8. Your Christmas swap is wonderful. Don't you just hate the way a few people have caused customs to have to open everything? However, your cat seems quite happy with the situation. =)

  9. This a such a generous gift
    ...lucky you! Enjoy!

  10. What a terrific gift! I love that tablerunner!

  11. Kjempeskjønn løper i skikkelige snopefarger.
    Ingenting er som å få en quiltet gave!!!
    Hilsen Sol

  12. Her var det mye fint, fant bloggen din tilfeldig da jeg s�kte p� navnet mitt og quilting, s� mange fine quilt det var p� den utstillingen, hvor var den i Norge? Her kommer jeg og ser igjen!

  13. What a gorgeous table topper. Your cat knows the value of a good box.

    PS - Your sox are cute.

  14. You make me laugh with your grand-kitty in the box - it was just made for her, wasn't it? I'm so glad you liked my gifts, and I definitely agree the customs people need to learn to re-wrap! The pointsettia and candles look so nice on the runner, too!
    You're very welcome, Hanne!

  15. WoW!!!!
    You got a fantastic table're a lucky woman!!!!
    Merry Christmas Hanne!!!!

  16. How pretty! It looks absolutely perfect on your table.


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