Friday, December 21, 2007

This and That

A temptation earlier this week - and I am smiling ear to ear looking at these fabrics.
The book is from last year though.

It was when nearly starting making cones on Wednesday I came to think about my NI blocks, count them and focus,
so even if I could have passed these fabrics - if I had a backbone that is.....
I guess it can be seen as an expense to income earning - sort of :-)
Anyway - it is just 12" cuts, so even if the NI blocks are no fabric eaters I will come out even by the end of the month.
I could return an unused zipper to the shop before Christmas, by appointment, and change it for something else. The zipper just covered one 12" cut of fabric though.
I just have to stay out of shops !

Amazing how a grown cat can flatten herself to stuff herself in a mailing box that is only 4" high.....
Before she got herself in there it looked like pushing tooth paste back in to the tube.............. Oh Yes :-)

Winter solstice - it is today!
This is just before 3 pm and the sun is about to disappear.
We have less than 6 hours daylight right now.

I Am Looking Forward To Summer !!


  1. I think I've said this before - your red and white Nearly Insane blocks are so very striking! I just adore the combination of red and white. Maybe I'll start my red and white quilt after retirement!

    Cats are so funny to watch - especially when they are stuffing themselves in funny really-to-small places.

    Your new fabric purchases are very pretty - can't blame you for not passing them up!

  2. Love the red and whites you bought. The only way I can resist buying is . . . stay out of the stores! So I sympathize with you. =)

  3. Like previous writers I also like the red and white fabrics you bought. They look lovely.
    Would love to see the front of the book (title). Is it in english? Are they little Christmas ornaments you can make?

  4. Those little angel cones are too cute! And the fabrics are wonderful. I too am looking forward to the solstice bringing longer days. Merry Christmas.

  5. Oh, those blocks are yummy! Red and white blocks are always so striking. You're moving right along!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Hanne!

  6. My cat always tries to do the same.

  7. Did she manage to get herslf out of the box :)
    Love your Nearly Insane blocks... very tempting but then I would have to go out and buy more fabric : ))) Although you don't have to leave home to be tempted with all the online shops temptation awaits everytime you turn on the computer !


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