Sunday, January 13, 2008

More blocks

Block for Saturday

Block for Friday

You would be surprised how little fabrics actually are used for these blocks, which by the way is a true wake up call stash wise......
I could make sampler block quilts the rest of my life without buying anything but backings.....

So far I have mostly pieced these NI blocks out of 2 zip lock bags of scraps.
I do have a good selection of reds, but if you look closer you will see that I use the same fabrics in block after block, in different combinations.
It is in fact the red on whites and the white on white background fabric that makes the blocks glow.
I now have 64 blocks and 34 to go!

Stash report this week : 6 NI blocks made, nothing purchased at all.


  1. Yes, Hanne are doing great...when I see you later this month you will have done nearly 80 blocks...

    I have only made 1 - one - NI-block ;-)

  2. Your NI blocks are gorgeous. Soon you will be done with your quilt and then what will you make?

  3. Love your red and white NI blocks!

    Just lovely...


  4. Can't wait to see this finished quilt it will be stunning...

  5. You really are pushing forward on your NI blocks - and they look so great! This is going to be a magnificent quit!

    And so what if you don't see that much reduction in your stash - at least you are using from stash!

  6. Gleder meg til å se teppet ferdig.
    Rødt og hvitt er lekkert!

  7. I love your work! This red and white quilt will be wonderful! I've linked your blog in mine ;)
    wishes from Italy

  8. Wow, good job! You're moving right along very nicely.

  9. I love your blocks. Does NI stand for Nearly Insane?? because I wonder how ever you manage to keep going making these. I check every day and behold another block. Amazing!
    deb :)


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