Monday, January 14, 2008

I like Mondays!

I like Mondays - I really do !
Mondays are like white paper and a box of crayons, fresh for me to use like I want. New week, new chances :-)

Today has been the first ordinary Monday since mid December - just plain everyday life - ordinary activity, like laundry, cooking, sewing and more, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

As you see I now have 2 more NI block to my name - one for yesterday and one for today, and now I am not behind anymore :-)

This stitchery cushion is also finished today!
I will count it in May Britt's WISP (work in slow progress) count.

I started it in January 2007, bringing it to hospital to do when waiting for my surgery.
Not a stitch taken that day or the week after, not until I came home and could sit in my own chair, with good light and my candle and coffee :-)

I was not happy with the way the cushion front turned out the other day, so I picked the fabrics off and re-did it with fabrics I got in my Christmas calendar, re-using an old cushion back that looks as good as new.
The backs do not fade and all the button work is already done.

The stitchery is a pre-printed Lynette Anderson design, The Allotment.


  1. Anonymous12:52 am

    Congratulations, Hanne ! I KNEW you would make it !
    Your blocks are awesome : such precision ! Wish I had half your talent !
    I'm not sure I would dare diving into such a demanding project, but you surely inspire me to make a two color quilt... some day :>)

    Hugs & smiles, dear !

  2. I told you so.........WOW.......I know you will make it..

    I love that cushion, too

  3. Your cushion is beautiful! And I just love how your red blocks are turning out.

  4. Your cushion is gorgeous. The green fabrics really makes the stitchery stand out.

  5. Your cushion is wonderful ! I love those simple Mondays, don't get many of them anymore but enjoy them when I do!

  6. I love all your NI blocks.Wow this will be beautiful when they you stitch them together.

  7. the cushion you have done a great job...

  8. You're doing great with your NI blocks. They are done in no time :)
    The pillow is georgius.

  9. Well done catching up on the NI blocks! And they look soo great!!

    Cute cushion! Gives off that perfect feeling of late summer :o)

  10. Love all your NI blocks - red and white are so good together. Well done for finishing your lovely cushion. Doesn't it feel good to complete a projet.

  11. Love the pillow. It has been nice to watch your NI blocks coming along too.

  12. That is a great way to look at Mondays.

  13. I have that outlook for January each year, but perhaps if I applied it to Mondays, also, I wouldn't have to wait so long in between? VBG The cushion is beautiful and I have exhausted my list of adjectives for your NI blocks. This is be one spectacular quilt!

  14. The Allotment looks great, thank you for the link to me. The green fabrics you have used really set it off nicely.
    I love your NI blocks, spectacular.


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