Thursday, February 28, 2008

More blocks

I have been both under the weather and under a lot of deadline work at the same time this week - not a good combination.
Well - the deadline work is done and out of here, all deadlines met, and today has been a Nearly Insane sewing day again.
My plan is to have it sent out next week you know, so I had to put the pedal to the metal, the weekend, starting tomorrow afternoon will be NI free.

I will attend Nancy's class on sewing a very cute sewing bag, and Nancy will stay here in my house from tomorrow through Sunday.
I am sure her sewing bag will keep me more than busy :-)
I see she had a photo of the sewing bag on her blog yesterday.

3 more NI blocks to go!

I am seeing the end of this quilt now, but come the day that it is done I am sure I will miss it too.

I will not be out of work though - I will sew more Dear Jane blocks and I have committed myself to sew Civil War Diary block too. My head is full of other plans as well, to do simultaneously. Never a dull moment :-)


  1. A lot of pieces on these! You must be happy to see the end of it, to reach your goal...what a satisfaction! I hope to have a small tutorial on piecing on freezer paper when you come to Nordfjord! (..and also a little about EQ)

  2. Hanne, your blocks are wonderful and so many pieces. This is going to make a beautiful quilt.

  3. Once again the blocks are fantastic, sorry you were not feeling the best...

  4. Way to go girl!!!! Are you dreaming red and white during the nights now. You have done a great job these last weeks.

  5. Well done, you!!! I'm sure you'll reach your goal!!! The blocks look great, by the way :o) Take care! And enjoy the weekend (NI free *lol*)

  6. I always love to see your new red blocks. Wow! Just lovely

  7. What an amazing accomplishment. You must feel so good. It's going to be a stunning quilt.

  8. I love your Nearly Insane project. Every time I see your blocks, I'm tempted to make one too.

  9. These blocks are so pretty!!!!
    I am amazed!
    greetings, Willeke


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