Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday block

1 more down, 5 to go!

I am constantly applying for 2 hour extra to the day - 2 hours of more sewing time, like a pocket of free time, just for me - 2 hours that would not take any of my energy, just adding more.
I could settle for an extra day a week too. That would have been something, don't you think ? :-)

This will be a super busy week, starting with 2 evenings of teaching, 1 guild evening, prepping for an upcoming class, teaching some friends EQ6 one morning, sewing as much as I possibly can on my NI blocks and a weekend of attending Nancy's sewing bag class, including having the pleasure of hosting Nancy for 2 nights and another class attendant for 1 night.
I hope Nancy does not mind a dust bunny or two!
I have already bought red vine - I guess we will be fine, dust bunnies or not :-)

It will be a nice but surely busy week, so if you see a pair or dangling feet passing your house, it might be me.
I will try to squeeze in as much sewing as I can though. My plan is to have the NI quilt sent out for quilting by Thursday next week at the latest.
Can she do it, can she do it ??
To be continued................... :-)


  1. Wow, you are nearly there.......

  2. Anonymous3:22 pm

    OF COURSE, she can do it !

    I think you might deserve a glass of champagne when you send this beauty out :>)

    Busy, busy week, indeed ! Wish you have a wonderful time with Nancy, all together ! I'm sure she won't mind any dust bunny (neither would I, by the way... any room left for me ? :>)

    ((HUGS)) & smiles to you, Hanne !


  3. You can do it, you CAN do it! Your NI blocks are simply beautiful!

  4. Heier på deg - det går sikkert bra!

  5. Another great block...wonderful red dilly bag, great stitcheries.

  6. Åjada, det kan du. Er det vel noen som i det hele tatt skulle kunne greie det, så må det være deg!
    Stå på - jeg heier deg på deg! Heia, heia...

  7. You're making such great progress on the Nearly Insane quilt. I have enjoyed seeing all the progress, and I do believe that a party is in order when you finish it.
    If you open up the bottle of wine in the car on the way there, she won't notice a single speck of dust!


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