Thursday, February 14, 2008

NI update

Here is the latest addition to my NI blocks.
The other half of the basket block is already in the quilt top, to the left edge, and the top right block will go into the hole on the row that is not joined to the rest of the quilt yet.

I think I will start joining rows from the bottom right corner too, today :-)
The remaining 13 blocks are all in the mid 4 rows and they are challenging indeed.

If Salinda Rupp, the original maker of the quilt, in the 1870's, started from the middle and worked outwards, maybe she got overwhelmed by the complexity of her own blocks and made them more simple from there, or maybe she had worked up a high spirit and made the blocks more complex as she went along?
We will never know, will we, but I can not stop wondering :-)


  1. You can't help but think about the original creator of a quilt like NI. Yours is stunning, Hanne!

  2. I often wonder about why/how quilters of yesteryear made their choices.

    I have a question for you: How many reds did you use?

  3. It's sooo nice......looking forward to see the NI on sunday...

  4. My goodness Hanne, you're motoring along. I'm loving your blocks. Isn't it fun to wonder about the maker of the quilt, and what their motive was.

  5. I am loving watching this quilt grow. It's just so beautiful. Please keep sharing your progress. It is very inspiring.

  6. Teppe ditt blir kjempelekkert.. Puh må være mye jobb. Måten du setter det sammen på blir priken over ien..
    Lykke til videre og god helg!

  7. it's gorgeous, Hanne. I love your colors and fabric choices. Hmm, I like to think the blocks got more complex as she went along.

  8. Det blir nydelig, Hanne!
    Nå må jeg snart komme og se det i virkeligheten!

  9. Hei Hanne
    Jeg er full av beundring over alt det flotte du lager og deler med oss. Gleder meg til sommer'n og besøk igjen:)

  10. It's very beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!! Best regards from Terrassa (Barcelona-Spain)


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