Sunday, February 03, 2008

Questions and answers - Please Read

Lately I have got many questions about the Nearly Insane blocks and other things on my blog.
When I try to respond to your comments I find that many of you are not reachable by mail.
You come through as noreply-comment and many of you also have set your profile to Private, so your blogs can not be visited either, and I know nothing about you other than your first name or nick name.

Please consider changing the noreply setting by going to your profile - Dashboard, Edit profile - and check the box next to Show My Email Address.
Please consider making your profile public too, so I can visit you back :-)

If you like to stay invisible and non-replyable, that is ok with me too, but then I will not spend time looking for a reply address, or answer all your questions in public.


  1. I've had a bunch of new people responding recently with no email address too. I made the same request on my blog but I think those are the posts that don't get read.

    Those wheat buns look SO tasty!

  2. I’ve asked the same some time ago and some bloggers have changed their settings. Some were not even aware of the fact they can’t be visited or replied too. Thanks for your effort!


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