Sunday, February 03, 2008

Self motivation :-)

Wenche has left for warmer places in the south, and here I am, with a long to do list and not to much motivation.
Well - I need to self motivate then :-)

Here are my top 3 projects for the day, and first I will spend 1 hour on each, to get the show on the road.

To the left is the stitchery for Nancy's sewing tote class. I am nearly done - I am sure 1 hour will make a true difference.

In the middle is a small stitchery I want to place on the back side of my toiletry purse to be - I would like to have it done by tomorrow night - I guess that is not very likely, but I will give it a decent try.

To the right is my Nearly Insane box. Since the Nearly Insane sewing activities have been very low this week, I need to take action!

Now it is 1.30 pm - I will take a new photo this evening, to see what I can accomplish through the day.


  1. Hi Hanne!!
    It's probably just the dynamics of life passing by..... Your motivation will come back!!! promise :o)

    Have a wonderful sunday :o)


  2. You have the most self-motivation! Be kind to yourself! :-) I'm in constant awe of all you accomplish. :-)

  3. Hallo Hanna,
    don´t bother about, in a few days you´ll get your motivation back.
    By the way, I like your blog, and of course your works a lot.
    Greetings from Germany


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