Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday evening

I finished the small stitchery for my toiletry purse and the stitchery for the sewing bag - it took about 2 hours altogether.

As you see I started another NI block and is about half done.
It is time to call it a day - tomorrow is another day!

Today is Fastelavn - the last Sunday before Lent, and 40 days before Easter. Traditionally we have Fastelavn wheat buns with cream then, but since I am not a big cream fan I made wheat buns with saffron and raisins.
Served with Coffee Chocolate - yummy!
I hope there is a wheat bun left for me to enjoy with my lunch coffee tomorrow too :-)


  1. Talk about busy lady....well done.

  2. Nice stitchery. I really like all your red and white blocks. The quilt is going to be stunning.

  3. The stitchery is very pretty. I am imagining what all those triangles will make for the insane quilt!

    I love either of the buns you mentioned, and I hope there is one left for your lunch tomorrow!

  4. we're going to have pancakes tomorrow - traditionally on Shrove Tuesday - the last day before Lent starts...

  5. Very pretty stitchery! and very pretty bread..Yum!

  6. I never thought I'd want to do stitchery. But the time spend here reading your blog makes me want to reconsider... so now I only need to find an easy enough project to start on, and then I need to practise my sewing skills. Your stitcheries are beautiful!

    (If anyone has any suggestion as to where to look for a simple how-to on stitches, I would be grateful!)

  7. Hanne,
    I love to read your blog and I have two favours to ask of you, if you have time.

    Firstly, could you tel me where the pattern came from for the threadcatcher - I have a very close friend who is moving to another country and would like to make one for her as a welcome gift when she arrives there.

    Secondly, could you please share with me your family recipe for pate - it looks delicious.

    Thank you,

    Barbara Johnstone

  8. So glad I found your blog. The stitchery is just beautiful and the buns remind me of those my grandma used to make. Enjoy the day!


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