Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday activities

I am doing a quilt with Lise and Bjørg - the Town and Country Bed Quilt from the EQ program Town and Country Patchwork.
We spent the day together yesterday, in Lise's store house - take a look.
It is a traditional store house turned into a creative retreat place.
We will be back there in the beginning of May, for a weekend sew-together. I am very much looking forward to it !
All three of us began the church yesterday, and we had a gorgeous day, filled with Vitamin Q. I finished my church today.

Two more DJ stitchery blocks, size 3,5". These are addictive :-)

I am getting ready to leave for Nordfjordeid Lappe- og Quilteklubb's region get-together tomorrow noon.
Can I get it all to fit into my suitcase or do I have to get a bigger suitcase ??
I am getting in trouble with the very limited weight I can carry in a suitcase with that airline......
I am giving a lecture on my journey with Dear Jane on Sunday, and I hope I can inspire the ladies to have fun, more fun, and even more fun with Jane!
I am bringing my DJ stitcheries too - a fresh outlook on an old theme.
Oh - I must remember to bring my box of different DJ blocks too - red and green, sherbet colours, fall colours.
I will also bring my DJ teaching folder - just in case it is time to dive into some techniques.

The icing of the cake is that I get to spend the last of the 2 nights at Elin's, Lappetausa.
I am looking forward to meet Elin in person :-)
Sometimes poor travelling connections between regions of this strange country is a blessing!

See you all on Monday!


  1. It sounds like you are getting LOTS of Vitamin Q these days, Hanne! Your church is lovely. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and inspire lots of new Janes.
    Susan in ON

  2. Have a great trip!!! We'll be patiently waiting to hear all about it when you get back home!

  3. Anonymous6:38 am

    Hanne, I'd love to know about the Dear Jane stitchery blocks. Yours are so sweet! Where would I find the patterns?

  4. Hanne, can you show us your DJ quilt again, or some links to where you have photos of it, I'd love to see it!

    How much quilting did you do in the scalloped part or did you need any? Will start working on my scallops after returning home from visit to my parents!

    Have a wonderful time and get lots more vitamin Q!!

  5. So nice church Hanne. So different all of them and still we started at the same level I 'll looking forward to the rest

  6. I do look forward to meeting you, Hanne! You're welcome!

  7. Your Church Block is lovely!! How cool u get to meet Elin, please give her a hug from me....shes a sweetheart!!!!

  8. Har du fått en overdose av Q-vitamin? Jeg er imponert over at du har startet på enda et prosjekt.

  9. Så nydelig den kirkeblokken var. Dette blir spennende å følge med på!

  10. Nydelige blokker - igjen! Er spent på "veien videre"...

  11. Tusen takk for eit bra foredrag du hadde til oss om Dear Jane.Håpar du har hatt ei koselig helg her i Nordfjord!Håpar du kjem tilbake ein gong å held kurs.

  12. Love all your posts, but I REALLY love that church, and it's windows!

  13. The windows in the church block are perfect! You do amazing work:).


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