Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A lovely time away from home

From Saturday to Monday I was visiting Nordfjord for The Yearly Region Quilt Gathering in Sogn and Fjordane County. The gathering was all Sunday, but since the distance is long between here and there, I arrived on Saturday afternoon and returned home on Monday by airplane.

My job was to give a lecture on Dear Jane. I divided the lecture in 3:

* The quilt - about the quilt, about Jane Stickle and about Brenda P.

* My journey with the quilt - about my fabrics, my approach to the blocks, how the quilt has influenced my life in all positive ways, including my upcoming trip to Shipshewana meeting other Janes in 7 days (!!)

* How to make Jane blocks - a brief intro to different techniques, how one can mix techniques and that all is allowed as long as one has fun.

Finished is better than perfect, be it a small purse with 1 block or the whole quilt :-)

Dear Jane is truly a passion of mine and we are in this for the fun, right :-)

I also had the pleasure of talking to many of the participants after the lecture, and by the looks of it, there are many upcoming Janes around.

The local quilt club had already made 3 lovely DJ quilts for the raffle, block size 6".

Kudos for lovely quilts, ladies !

The gathering was held in a sports hall at a school and all the walls were covered with quilts. Here you can see some of them. Even if you can not read Norwegian, we all can read Quilt :-)
Several local shops were there too.
I bet I am not the only one filled to the brim with impressions and inspiration !

Here are about half the hall - over 100 people attended the gathering. I met several people I have met before too - that was nice :-)

The gathering was very well organized - a lot of quilts to look at, quilt goods to buy, a lovely meal, a lot of cakes and coffee.

A special thanks to Laila, Inger Lise and Elin for making Friday evening into an evening to remember.

Elin generously hosted me in her home from Sunday to Monday, after the gathering. A very special thank you to you Elin !
We have known each other for about a year now, through blogging and mails, and we discovered that we have a lot in common that we did not know about before.
Spending time in Elin's sewing room, overlooking the fjord and the mountains, and filled with Elin's lovely work was a real treat.
I sit here smiling just writing about it :-)

I can also hear her lovely laughter just looking at this photo.

I hope we'll meet again before long :-)


  1. I had no clue you’re a Dear Jane expert! How wonderful. I knew you’re an expert though! I’m in the process of making the DBJ quilt, well let’s say the first blocks of the quilt. I love to learn all the techniques.
    You sure seem to have had a great weekend!

  2. The fabrics I chose for my dear jane quilt are similar to yours, and I was second guessing my choice until I saw how stunning your quilt is. Beautiful!

  3. Your Dear Jane is gorgeous, Hanne!

    It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Seems like it must have been inspiring and fun.

  4. Thank you for an inspiring lecture in Dear Jane this weekend. We hope you had a great time and a nice trip back to your home. We also wish you a nice
    journey to the united states.
    I hope we will see you again:-))

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful time Hanne, thank you for sharing.


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