Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More from yesterday

Next to our local furball, this is my favourite cat - Frida, May Britt's cat.
It is so good to see that she has recovered so well after sickness and surgery recently.
Her fur is again shiny and nice.
Purr purr to you little one :-)

This is May Britt with her hexagon quilt from earlier this winter, at her local and my not so local, but still, favourite quilt shop.

Note to self - I still have something to learn about my new camera software ....... hmmm, hmmmm..... edge softing gives black framing.

May Britt's couch corner is nice and quilty :-)

Yup - I did some shopping, for my next sampler block project, but no - I will not share it with you yet, the shopping that is ;-)
You can see we get the full of every purchase around here - nothing like a fresh paper bag for the noon nap :-)


  1. Thanks for a lovely day togehter. I have started to find fabric for my eh... our new project. Frida says prrrr prrrrr to her friend in the paper bag.

  2. Pusekatten din er bare helt nydelig Hanne :-))) Venter spent på å se innkjøpene din - Lille Stasjon er en farlig butikk...

  3. What a fun day, spent with a good friend. The kitty cat looks pooped. LOL.

  4. Your grandcat is just a darling!! The accesories to the sewingtoot turned out lovely. Hope you like it as much as I do!!

  5. A fun visit with a good friend and her furry buddy. Your furry buddy looks very comfy in the bag. :)

  6. You girls must have had a great day! Look forward to seeing your shopping (is it for what I think it is? *lol*), and the grandcat looks like he is enjoying the new bag *lol*

    Hope you are having a great day!

  7. What a wonderful way to spend the day!

  8. Å hallo! Har du vært på shopping tur ...Hvilket prosjekt er du i gang med nå Har du shoppet til cityteppet vårt? Nå er jeg spent.

  9. Vilken mysig dag MayBrit och du har haft. Visst är det kul med sådana där oplanerade dagar tillsammans med sina vänner..

    Ha en trevlig påsk!


  10. Great that you two spent the day together. Funny to see that European cats do just what American cats do! =)

  11. Tahnks for sharing Hanne, this shop is very tempting - and I love the photo of the paper bag and/or the cat. Very charming. My photo problems are solved -yeah!!!

  12. Seems you had a lovely day! I was thrilled to see your badge of the Fabric diet 2008; it is exactly what I need and my husband will be pleased too. And I see it is allowed to buy new fabric as well;)


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