Wednesday, March 19, 2008

1 of 3, block no. 9

Referring to my previous post, Hanne's Easter Challenge, this is block # 1 of 3 of Leanne's House BOM, so still 2 to go - one with mostly stitchery and one with mostly applique.

I have even given my blue tote a couple of seams today :-)

Now to work on the next Leanne's House block - the one with the most stitchery, block # 8.


  1. that is a beautiful block! Love the fabrics...

  2. Beautiful!

    I am having a bag give-a-way to celebrate my 200th post! Come here to check it out:

  3. Nice posts today, Hanne! It's a pity it's such a long way for me to go to May Britt's shop..

  4. Beautiful block - you'll be finished before you know it. :-)

  5. Your Leannes House is just lovely, there is a lot of stitching in those little May Britts hexagon quilt.

  6. This looks great! Way to go! Best of luck with the rest of your challenge :o)

  7. Looks great! Good luck with your challenge! May be I should join and perhaps get something done on my Leannes house!
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  8. Heia :-)

    God påske til deg og dine og :)
    Vi blir hjemme i år - hadde tenkt meg ein tur til Bud - men godt å vere i ro også

    Såg du skal til ålesund til høsten - det blir koselig

    Det er noen søte stitheribilder du har sydd
    Og katten din er jo berre så søte
    Smil fra monika

  9. Du har ikke mye igjen på Leannes House, de blir veldig fine. Jeg må nok finne fram mine blokker også. God påske!

  10. You do such lovely work, Hanne. And when you put your mind to something, you really get going on it. I can't believe you got the bag and all the accessories together so quickly!

    I love the Leanne's House pattern so much that I have got to find a source for them some day. Wonderful pieces.

    Is that the grandkitty hiding in the shopping bag? I recognize Frida of course but that looks like Lil Rusk to me.

  11. Oh! That is soooo pretty! I love the fabrics you have looked and the stitching is so sweet. What a lovely pattern and you have done it so nicely!

  12. Lovely little stitchery quilt!

  13. I am so behind in my blog reading and commenting so it has been lovely to see all your beautiful stitching. Congratlualions on finishing your Nearly Insane top - a massive achievement. Can't wait to see it again when it's quilted. I love the picture of Frida and the kitty in the bag is so cute. Oliver likes to climb inside bags too. Very funny. Hope you're having a happy Easter.


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  15. Wow! You have been busy since I last checked in. I love your sewing set, just gorgeous.
    The Leanne's House project is lovely too. Are you quilting as you go? I see you have wadding? on the back of them.
    I like your new project too. Love your colour choices. Yes you can definitely know your favourite colour is red :-D Mine also.
    Cheers Elly


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