Monday, May 05, 2008

I have a plan :-)

Days have been flying by, and I don't feel that I have accomplished much of anything really, so I am making a progress plan.
Juggling to many projects at the same time don't bring much progress to any of them....

This week's focus projects are the Town and City quilt and the advent calendar stitchery. The stitchery is from Jordbærstedet.
I lack 7 of the small stitcheries + a lot of applique hearts.

The Town and City quilt I am doing with Bjørg and Lise and we will have a sew-together later this month. Since I have been away they have both done much more than me - I need to get my act together here :-)
The quilt has 31 blocks + fillers. I have 11 blocks - 20 blocks to go.

More later :-)


  1. tadatadada.... I've finished all my stitcheries on the adventcalender........just the heart again to make. Hope I get my fabric today.

  2. Best of luck on your plan! I'm sure you can do it! Take care! Hugs...

  3. It looks like you are making lots of progress on both of your projects. I enjoy alternating projects - so I can do what I feel like doing instead of forcing myself to do one or the other.

  4. I think you get an amazing amount of sewind done, I just don't know where you get your energy.

  5. I like the town quilt blocks. It will be fun to see the completed quilt.

  6. Planlegginga e halve jobben sies det:-)
    Teppet blir helt sikkert flott.
    Ha ei krativ uke:-))

  7. The buildings, trees, and fences are really cute. I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  8. Your stiching is amazing as always! And I'm sure your trees and houses will result in a wonderful wallhanging.

  9. You are doing good Hanne. I'm peacing mine together know. And I have done 4 of advent calendar stitchery you gave me. And my stitchery book is finished. LOL

  10. Your quilts and stitcheries are wonderful. Many many compliments!! you're one of my favourite blogs.
    Chiara from Italy

  11. Your town and city quilt looks great. I had to go to the blogs of Björg and Lise, and I saw the drawing plan. I'm looking forward to seeing your three versions ready!

  12. You are NOT allowed to work on Christmas things in May! Christmas stuff is to be crammed into October and November :O)

  13. You're so smart to be workign on christmas stuff now - and I love your redwork!

  14. Juggling many projects doesn't bring much progress but then all at once you have several finishes at once.

    I credit my staying focused and finishing as much as I do to your guidance.

    I will be learning to machine quilt so I hope to be finishing more.


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