Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy weekend

Toiletry purse for dear daughter 2, who left for gospel tent camp very early today.
She has wished for a toiletry purse like this for a long time, so earlier this week I went fabric shopping so she could have it in her favourite colours.
The photos are a little skewed colour wise, but they give you an impression though :-)

We went bling shopping on Friday and had a great time picking out the shoe charms and the purple pearl that embellish the zipper :-)

The Town and City quilt is done, finally !

It looks good, but does not fit anywhere in my house. Long time ago I decided to give this one as a donation to care quilts for children with long term diseases.
That is my plan and I am sticking to it - it just have to come with me to show & tell on August guild meeting first.
The size of the quilt is 50" x 75".

Except for a little piece of grey fabric, all fabrics are from stash, front and backing :-)


  1. I love the toiletry purse. I bet DD will get a lot of compliments on it.
    The quilt is beautiful too. That is a generous donation. I hope it helps the cause.

  2. Hanne...your quilt is just lovely and congratulations, I am sure this is one for the challenge...and how generous of you to donate the quilt to such a worthy cause...

  3. Hello! I like the toiletry purse, I'd never seen before. Congratulations for the quilt, is wonderful!!!!!!Regards from Spain

  4. Lovely toiletry bag - I'd never thought of making one, I seem to have always been given them. I love your quilt - I think picture quilts, with houses, trees etc are so attractive.

  5. What a great little bag for your daughter.
    I love the quilt and such a generous gesture to give it to the children's charity. Some child is going to treasure it.

    Love and hugs gina xxx

  6. I LOVE that town quilt, so I really hope whoever is lucky enough to own it will really treasure it. Congrats on the finish and all from stash too :)

  7. You make such beautiful things. The toiletry bag beats any that I've seen on sale, and I'm sure your daughter will love it just that much more because you made it for her. The quilt is so wonderful, and it is so generous of you to donate it for such a good cause.

  8. Well done Hanne. Your city quilt is gorgeous and the toilett bag is nice.

  9. Så flott denne byen ble!

  10. Anonymous1:16 am

    Love the bag and enjoyed reading your log.


  11. Så flott den city-quilten ble. heldig den som får en slik å kose med.

  12. I love your town and city quilt. What a generous and wonderful gesture donating it.

  13. Lovely toiletry bag... your daughter will love it!

    I enjoy reading your blog. Your projects are beautiful and inspirational. :o)

  14. Wonderful toiletry purse! Guess your DD2 is thrilled!!

    Congratulations on finishing the city quilt! It looks great, and I'm sure ther is a child out there who is going to love it!

  15. Så fin toilettmappa ble! Nå er du ferdig med City-teppet også, det ble fint.


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