Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good tools

The saying on this stitchery is a good one - From Simple Things Come Simple Pleasures.

My gratitude today is good tools, like my little pair of scissors here.

A small pair of scissors, a sharp needle, some floss and some fabric, and I can be busy for hours :-)


  1. I agree - can't do good work without good tools. Your stitcheries are lovely.

  2. Oh...that's the scissor you got from me some time ago :)

  3. Yes thats true Hanne Good tools we need

  4. What a perfect gratitude! Most quilters today have never made a quilt the old way - drawing around templates and then cutting out the pieces with scissors. Thanks for the reminder of how blessed and lucky we are today to have rotary cutters, rulers, marvelous scissors, amazing sewing machines, and so much more that our grandmothers would have loved to have.

  5. Good enough for me tooo...I love that saying too...about simple things!!

  6. Godt verktøy er alfa og omega, spør du meg :-)
    Hyggelig påminnelse!
    Good tools are the start and the end for happy working girls like us :-)
    Nice reminder!

  7. That is so true Hanne! So little to make us so happy! :)

  8. Anonymous6:30 am

    Sweet stitcheries !!!


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