Sunday, June 15, 2008

Early Sunday morning

I am sitting here, enjoying the early hours of the morning, my tea cup and nice music on the radio.
I am in I-am-counting-my-blessings-mood, and I surely have some to count :-)

Today I will have stitchery as my focus, mixed in with some machine work and Civil War Diary blocks.

Lynette is having a giveaway. Wouldn't it be nice to win ??
I love Lynette's patterns and I have several, but do always have room for more :-)

I am wishing you a lovely day, wherever you are :-)


  1. Lækker morgenbord og med fint broderi igang, det bedste om morgenen er den første kop te, og at sidde med et lille håndarbejde, kan se du har gang i mange fine arbejder, du må ha en hyggelig søndag.

  2. Your breakfast table looks lovely Hanne. I've just finished my breakfast (in bed!!) of oat cereal with soya milk, banana and raisins. That's my Sunday treat- a lazy start, reading blogs and emails, breakfast in bed. I've got stitching on the go too. What's your little heart going to be?

  3. Yumm... melon and tea!!! Beautiful little stitchery!! Enjoy!

    See from your previous post that we have started the Angels with the same block - I prep'ed the pieces for "Charlotte the shopper" yesterday morning and have just started stitching :o) Hope to finish her, and do some quilting on my OW-quilt today!

  4. You put me to shame. A healthy breakfast. Since it is Sunday in the States, I will probably have and apple turnover!

  5. What a lovely breakfast! Can't wait to see your stitchery and Civil War Diary Blocks. I really need to get back to working on mine, I only have 41 blocks done.

  6. Your breakfast and stitchery look yummy! Enjoy your day!

  7. Looks like a lovely morning! Wish my Sunday morning had been like that- Instead I was awakened from my not so sound sleep in the gymnasium of the Lillehammer High School by a very persistent and LOUD percussionist at 5:30 AM- oh those marching band events can be a challenge....

  8. Denne søndagsfrokosten ser både sun og god ut. Fint bilde - det gir ro i en quilters sjel :-) Håper det er greit at jeg har lagt deg til på bloggen min. Ha en fin dag.


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