Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday progress

The 2,5" strip quilt is finished and in the washing machine as we speak :-)
I will post another photo tomorrow.

I have also prepped the first block of An Angel Story and done a couple of threads on the green stitchery.

I am watching a late night movie on the TV and will do some prepping on the drawstring purse.


  1. Heia....
    Høres ut som en helt skjønn helg.
    4patch ene dine er satt nyderlig sammen også så flotte farger!

  2. Kjempeflott quilt. Har du bildet av mønsteret på engleteppet noe sted? Det er vel i ett lite hefte. Jeg leter og leter her, vet jeg har en hel bunke slike hefter, men finner dem ikke.

  3. Kjempeflott!!!! En produktiv lørdag.

  4. Looks lovely! Looking forward to seeing the whole quilt.

  5. Wow you're quick! What a lovely summery quilt. I too look forward to seeing the whole thing.

  6. The colors are so pretty! I never use a lot of yellow myself but I love your quilts.


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