Monday, June 09, 2008

A good time where had by all

Friday I drove to May Britt's in the hot weather,
but nothing is as motivating for a hot drive as visiting a dear friend :-)

We had a lovely time together, as always, and we both got our fills of Vitamin Q - you know, quilt talk, laughter, friendship, inspiration and all !

I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favourite shops, Lille Stasjon, both on Friday afternoon and on Saturday, before driving back home.

Yes, I shopped and no, you can not see yet, as I am working the fabrics in to a special project :-)

A small quilt guild had scheduled a mini workshop at the shop on Saturday and May Britt had a lot prepared, using the 60 degree ruler.
May Britt is a good teacher - I enjoyed the mini workshop.


  1. Yes we had a great time together. We'll have to do it again soon.

  2. looks like you girls had a great nice to have someone to share your passions with........

  3. I've been waiting for pictures of your visit to May Britt! I'd love to sit and have some Vitamin Q with the two of you. It's a dream! :-)

    I'm really glad you had a wonderful time and had two opportunities to visit your favorite quilt store.

  4. A great girls day!!! What a special visit!! Thanks for sharing!!


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