Thursday, June 05, 2008

Christmas in June ?

Nothing is like doing applique outdoors in the summer, and the same goes for stitchery :-)

As far north as we live here in Norway we have to take advantage of the relatively short summer.
Last year we had one good week in the beginning of June and that was it. We close to grew duck feet in the never ending rainy days through the rest of the summer.

Right now we are having a heath wave and it is in its second week. Rain and cooler days are predicted for the upcoming week though, but I hope the meteorologists are proven wrong.
One can always hope........ ;-)

Judy has a Quiltathon going today and tomorrow.
If the weather was cooler / colder I would have put the pedal to the metal on the sewing machine, but no, not in this weather.
Hand sewing is very good too, and progress are made, one stitch at a time :-)

My goal for today is to join the top of this advent calendar though - the last heart applique just finished. I guess I must do that in the cooler evening.

Right now I am so ready for a cup of tea and some hand quilting outdoors.

See you in the evening :-)


  1. Your "Nearly Insane" quilt is absolutely wonderful! Congratulations!!!!

  2. Your "Nearly Insane" quilt is absolutely wonderful! Congratulations!!!!

  3. As always I love your work!!! You are very talented. Enjoy your nice weather. Here in KY, USA we are in the mid 90's, very hot!!

  4. It's too hot to do anything else than a little bit of stitchery. See you tomorrow. Redwine and stitchery on the the shadows.

  5. Wow, you've finished all of them! And they look wonderful!!! Hope you achieved your goal of ascembling the top last night :o)

    Wishing you and MB a great time tonight!

  6. Du har så rett, - det blir fort vanskelig å bruke mye tid inne når en minnes forrige sommer med bare en uke "sommer" på våren. Et lett håndarbeide er greit, - og håper du får kost deg hos MayBritt!

  7. Heia
    Takke takk for den søte kua som kom i posten idag :)
    Den var søt:o)

    Og dei stitheriblokkene dine er knall fine
    Eg har også mønster på den julekalenderen - gleder meg til å sy den - har sett den " Ekte" på jordbærstedet - og den var knall.

    Ellers så er det varmt her og - veldig varmt iallefall for å sitte ein heile dag i ein traktor
    Smil fra monika

  8. Hi, Hanne! Cindy Pucci here. I love your Christmas stitcheries.

    Enjoy your weather. We have had tornado warnings 3 times this week alone! We lost 2 big trees and part of our fence. The fence can be replaced, but those big old trees can't be. I have gone from an almost completely shaded yard to total sunshine. Going to take some getting used to.

    The "Judy" whose Quiltathon you mentioned, lives about 30 miles from me. We've talked lots on email and she is giving a program for our guild in September. Right now, we're trying to figure out when in the next 2 weeks we can meet for lunch.

    Small world, huh?

    I won't be going to Shipshe in the fall, but I sure hope to make it back next spring. Hope to see you there.

  9. Now that I found your blog and all that inspiration, I will be placing you on my favorite list and visit often. I love your work.

  10. Enjoy your sunny days Hanne. Making embroidery or bobbin lace outdoors is one of the things I love most. Your Christmas stitchery is lovely. You are very clever doing that on June. I always wait until December and most of the times I don't have time to finish my Christmas projects :)


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