Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday report

My photo card is speaking with my computer again :-)

The photos from our trip earlier this week was taken by cell phone.
That is a very neat function and I can publish wherever I am.

Peg is having a challenge of finishing 5 things before the end of July.
These two, the quilt and the drawstring bag, are my first 2 finishes in her challenge.
I think I can do 3 more before deadline :-)

The quilt will be given as a care quilt, and it is made from 2,5" strips as you know.
I have several other strip quilts drawn in EQ6.
Strips are fun!
The drawstring bag was given to my sister in law earlier this week, with pink shampoo and conditioner to go with it.
It is 11" tall and can hold quite a lot of stuff.

The design is May Britt's and I bought a kit with pattern in her local shop Lille Stasjon a week ago.

I usually don't buy many kits, but this was so nice - the fabrics and the colours are lovely.
I was also happy to find it was more than enough fabric in the kit.
I don't like frugal kits and will rather pay a little more and not be short on what I need.


  1. nice quilt and love the bag.....I am sure you can get 3 more things finished

  2. Flott teppe og søt veske. Du verden hva du rekker!

  3. Heia..
    Teppet ble kjempefint også så enkelt med 4 patch. Nå ble jeg veldig inspirert!
    Veska ble bare helt nyderlig, din svigerinne er veldig heldig.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the pink and yellow combination in your quilt. I am tempted to try one for myself. Do you know how many pinks and how many yellows you may have used?

  5. First time visiting your blog - what gorgeous colors in this quilt!

    Best, Kyra

  6. I'm so far behind on my blog reading that I'm just seeing this post now. I love the double 4 patch and the colors you chose to use look wonderful.


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