Friday, June 20, 2008

Small finishes has great charm too :-)

As said, small finishes has great charm too :-)

My body is running on Low for the time being, so I can't get as much done as I would have wanted to, but every stitch and every step makes a difference, and that is Good :-)

You will recognize this stitchery from last weekend's goals, and now it is done, and will be decorating a toiletry purse before very long.
I have used one of the brand new variegated threads. It is not very variegated, but just enough to give the thread a vintage look.


  1. That's another very pretty stitchery and you do what you stitch. I like the look of the new floss, too.

  2. I love the stitchery. Everyone needs a small project every once in a while.

  3. Your stitchery is so cute. I love bees and bee skeps. You are right, it has great charm and will be a beautiful toiletry purse.

  4. I love little stitcheries, and yours is extremely pretty. I can't see the thread very well, but variegated sounds a great idea for this type of stitching, I'll have to look out for some.

  5. Great stitchery. Take care and prepare for summer.

  6. Love that stitchery... who designed that one...must have missed that one some how!?
    Well done!

  7. I love your stitchery. It seems to be more popular in Europe than here at the States. I have purchased a stitchery project from Cinderberry stitches in Australia and hope to start that soon.

    I do have a question. What is a toiletry purse?

  8. What a pretty stichery! Hope you are well!!!
    I would join this strip fun of yours, is it ok? But production depends on my arms...

  9. Great job with this stitchei. Have a nice weekend, take care. ;-)


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