Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Positive thoughts and gratitudes

Merete has a very nice post about positive blogging.
It trigged good thoughts and good feelings.

I think we all have good things in our lives, every day, if we look!
What it is may vary from person to person, and from where you are in your life, but it is also a question of holding on to the moments and stay in them.

When I need rest I enjoy reading - preferably thick books, with a cup of tea on the side. Books make me happy (today) :-)

Here is what I am reading right now - Elm Creek by Jennifer Chiaverini.
Did I mention that I have more of these books coming here by snail mail as we speak ? :-)


  1. How lovely of you to take the challenge, - I'm looking forward to read positive notes from you!

    :: så fint at du tok tak i utfordringe! Ser fram til alle dine positive smånotater!

    hugs :: klem

  2. I've also joined this challenge. Enjoy reading your books.

  3. Hi Hanne,
    This is a good challenge. I'm going to give it a go. May help uplift my spirits.
    Enjoy the Elm Creek books. I am up to number 8 or 9 book. I just can't put them down they are such wonderful stories.
    Kind regards from Liz

  4. Thanks for the important reminder to be thankful and positive!
    I hope you enjoy the Elm Creek books. You should have a look at the pattern books that go along with them too.

  5. Hanne these books are will laugh, cry and feel totally blessed to have great quilting friends like those ladies from Elm Creek. Enjoy!! Jo x

  6. Books make me happy too. And thanks for posting about the gratitude challenge. It is a good way to refocus.

  7. I think your blog is a pleasure to read, because it is always positive, even if I know you feel like c*** you always write about happy things^^,
    Books make me happy too^^, I use to say that when I become rich I will buy an entire bookstore and spend at least a month just reading^^,
    I hope you will enjoy your books, preferably outside in the sun (here is me hoping for sun for you^^,)

  8. I certainly should join this challenge!!! I'm happy that you are reading the books I love. I'm finishing the last one so far these days. Take care!

  9. I loved the Elm Creek them all and they are wonderful! enjoy! I am too greatful for so much...positive thoughts..yes very helpful...


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