Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend progress

Now all the block for the angel quilt are prepped for applique and stitchery !

It really is time consuming to prep block, but I am a very happy camper, as now I am ready for the Angel Gang Get Together this upcoming weekend :-)
Hand work is so nice to bring to retreats.

My agenda for the upcoming week is very busy in the sewing department, not counting this project.

Now I will fold and put away the fabrics for this project and pull out the fabrics for the next one.
I am aiming for progress on it tomorrow :-)


  1. Hanne, these blocks are so cute! I've ordered the book from Quiltegården, only to be able to look at it....

  2. Hanne you are so organized...I wish I had all those prepared...

  3. What lovely blocks. We did this quilt as a group quilt a few years ago. It's a beautiful quilt.

    Love and hugs gina xxx

  4. I love your Angels and am looking forward to seeing pictures of your Angel Gang Get Together. Can I come, too. :-)

  5. Nice fabrics you have chosen for your angel-blocks. I haven't started mine yet.

  6. Forresten - det ligger en hilsen til deg i bloggen min


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