Friday, August 15, 2008

Greeting fellow quilt inspectors!

I do look good, don't I ?
I do my job as a quilt inspector with great pride, and I love what I do :-)

This has been a great summer - I am enjoying the great outdoors daily!
I don't mind rain either!
I am a typical backyard breed, with a lot of Norwegian Wood Cat mixed in, so I don't get as wet as other cats. I am designed for the Northern climate, sort of. I don't like snow though, as I have fur between my toes, and ice get caught there easily.

I try to ignore that ordinary everyday life starts on this upcoming Monday, and I have to go back to where I usually live, with no outdoors available.
I will come back here and stay weekends as usual, keeping up with my neighbourhood and quilt inspector duties :-)

A special greeting to Nan - Quilting in Doxie-Land - I still enjoy the Secret Santa Christmas Swap mailing box every day, on top of the dining room table.
You can see how well I can arrange my furry self to fit the available space :-)

Purrs and licks, Lille Rusk

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  1. a big meeeeoooooooow from Frida.

  2. Velkommen hjem til dine eiere!
    Naboens katt bifaller, - vi la noen tepper på plenen ute for å ta bilder, og katten kom fra "ingensteds" og skjekket ut sømmer og ligge-egenskaper på teppene! men da kameraets linse ble annerkjent som stryk-seg-til kosested og damen sperret for bildet, da måtte vi be henne gå...

    ps. jeg er ferdig med remse-utfordringen!

  3. She looks good on pictures doesn't she? I hope she will actually come home on Sunday at all, she is very aware that her returning home is long overdue, so I think she might just stay away^^, But it's back to regular life now kitty, and you are coming with me *hugles*^^,

  4. What a beautiful cat (quilt inspector) you have!!
    My favourite is the middle picture :)

  5. What a nice cat! Very beautiful colours!

  6. Hello Lille Rusk! You are a beautiful kitty, and you are so very welcome for the mailing box! You fit into it purrfectly!! I'm glad you are enjoying it so!
    Hugs, Nan


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