Friday, August 15, 2008

A win win situation - for me :-)

I love a challenge, as you may know :-)

I can not say I thrive on deadlines, but it is encouraging to see what I can do during a certain amount of time.
I guess you have noticed that I have a strong competitive gene, so Peg's challenge was perfect for me.

Some small finishes - the drawstring bags for my sister in law and my mother in law,and the toiletry bag for DD2.
Some bigger finishes - the Christmas calendar and the 2 quilts that I will donate to children with long term diseases.

I was one of the very lucky and very happy winner of Peg's challenge at Happy in Quilting, so I feel like I have won twice - first the finishes - Go Me :-) - and second one of Peg's lovely prizes!

I wonder which prize will be mine - they are all so very very nice. Oh sweet anticipation :-)

Thank you Peg, for giving us this challenge. It was great fun, every stitch of the way!

Check out Peg's blog, Happy in Quilting, while you are at it - it is a lovely place to spend some time :-)

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  1. You did a fantastic job, Hanne... and it will be so fun to see what prize you got..I´m curious too... ;o)

  2. Anonymous10:59 am

    Congratulations ;) It was a nice challenge but too short for me ;)

  3. Hanne...thankyou so much for all your lovely words that is just so was so much fun the challenge and It was great to have you join in....time will tell as to what is in your package....I wonder....

  4. Just checking out the HeartStrings blogring for the first time!!
    Congrats on completing Peg's challenge and being a prize winner to :)


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