Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A challenge to myself

A sort and prioritize in my projects brought forward this one, Butterfly Garden, with 2 blocks lacking a small square, and 2 blocks less finished than what you see now.

I am not counting projects - no, no, no ;-)

But - I am challenging myself to work on what I have already started, starting today and ending 31. October.

I can start something new if it is for charity, like strip quilts, fast and fun.


  1. I get so much accomplished when I challenge myself! Good luck with yours.

  2. Sounds like a good challenge, I think I need to do that as well Hanne...your Butterfly quilts is looking lovely.

  3. ....and I'll join you in this challenge! No problem in finding projects, small or big...The main challenge is to find time.

  4. I love it Hanne... and it was a good challenge... :o)

  5. Good luck with the challenge!! Perhaps I might use it to. Have started so much in my holiday, I'm not sure what to work on! Butterfly Garden looks terrific!! Cathyx

  6. I think that this is a very good way of working through things. And I think it's vital to have the "I can start charity projects" clause, so that you don't work all the fun out of it^^,
    This one is coming along purdyly, I think it will look great when it's done^^,

  7. Ja det er kanskje det som skal til for å få noen prosjekter ferdig, hmmmm...

  8. Hi Hanne, it's never too late to welcome another stitcher to the New Years Eve UFO challenge. I'm very happy to have you stitching with us *VBS*. Did you want to set a certain number of project to complete by then? Most of us have chosen a number that we felt we could complete in the almost 4 months til NYE. I'll add your name and link to the list today! Welcome aboard and happy stitching! We are a mighty force already with well over 200 projects that could be complete before next year! Hugs, Finn

  9. Hej Hanne,
    Today I found time to say HI to you. It was nice to see that you visit at my blog. I have visited at yours for few years now. I have got many inspiring ideas from you, for example Your Nearly Insane quilt was one of them. I have done so far about 15 blocks. But there is much more unfinished project... So your challenge idea sounds good!
    Greetings from Finland - Satu
    PS. I would be happy, if you'll someday show us your Ciwil War Diary blocks ;)))

  10. Anonymous11:27 am

    Dette blir et flott teppe!


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