Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lost in action - sort of....... :-)

Projects, classes, deadlines and ideas = busy busy busy :-)

DH is sailing with his friends in Greek waters and DD2 and I are having the house to ourselves.
I am working my fingertips off, but it is fun!
Not much R&R around here :-)

It will be nice to have DH back again on Sunday.
We need a handy guy around here!!
First on the list is a checkup on the kitchen oven that is only working partly since he left. The oven top only works on the front half.
Not that I need complicated meals made with several pots and pans since he left..........hehehe
Do I see a new oven in the near future, or is ours fixable ?...........

Come tomorrow evening and the speed will slow down around here.

The project you see a glimpse of is ready to be presented to the world tomorrow, but still lacks a little last minute work + paperwork.
Wish me luck !! :-)


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