Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More photos from Ålesund

Ann Karin has a lovely laughter - it is very catching :-)
She is working on the little bonus pattern - hers can room an umbrella, or maybe even two umbrellas ...hehehe....

PS. I am sure she has cut of a lot of that excess fabric by now :-)

Here are several photos showing what everyone made.
I am so proud of you all, being so productive!

May Britt - can you see one lady used your heart pattern from the Norwegian Quilt Association meeting this spring ?
It is gorgeous in black!

Here one of Anni Down's (Hatched and Patched) applique patterns got a new twist as stitchery.

I absolutely love to see what people can do with my patterns - it is a well of inspiration for me as well :-)


  1. Yes....I see the heart I designed. Cute...great idea. Look forward to when you are giving this workshop here :)

  2. Kjekt å se bilder fra turen og kurset ditt i Ålesund. Så bra dere hadde det!
    Ble rent misunnelig, - også det sommerværet!
    Flotte modeller, - du er virkelig god på det her :-)


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