Monday, September 15, 2008

Ålesund revisited

Several years ago I had the pleasure of teaching in Ålesund, on the north west coast of Norway.

Again I now had the pleasure of revisiting this great town :-)

I arrived on Friday early afternoon, by airplane, and as you see the weather was so lovely, sunny and warm, a real nice change for me, after weeks of wet and cold. I suspect this was the last touch of summer for me. It is real autumn weather in my part of the country now.

My hostess, Wenche, and her husband, who both made me feel very welcome. Thank you very very much :-)

We went sightseeing on the highest place in the town, Fjellstua, where we enjoyed coffee and svele, a traditional sour milk sweet thick pancake, served with butter and sugar. One of my favourites!

We also visited Lappestua, a quilt shop down town. They also carried a lot of yarn.
I shopped 3 x 30 cm of fabric. I am on the lookout for good background fabrics these days.

Saturday and Sunday were class days, and 11 lovely ladies attended, to learn how to sew my travel bag and the toiletry bag with stitcheries.

Everyone were busy through the weekend - never a dull moment :-)

The classroom was great - enough tables and space for all.
The view from the windows you can see in my previous post.

I can really see why so many tourists are drawn to the Norwegian fjords and mountains :-)

Full concentration!

Amund's mom made a gorgeous toiletry bag with machine embroidery for Amund, 6 years old.
Amund visited on Saturday - a real charmer and mommy's fabric and thread buddy.
He has his own fabric and thread collection :-)

The front of Amund's toiletry bag, with a very cool machine embroidery :-)

I'll upload more photos tomorrow.
It took a lot of time to upload today - the internet must be busy.


  1. Thanks to you, was a great weekend..........hope to see you again soon.. :-)

  2. What a beautiful place. Sounds like your class was very successful.

  3. Hello
    I have been enjoying your Blog and I must say this is a most beautiful place. My goodness, surrounded by all that water!!!!! and you had the opportunity to teach here! Lucky you..
    Your work is very inspiring.... thanks very much for sharing.
    Maggie.....waving from Southern Ontario, Canada


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