Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday plans

The applique on 12 Angel Story blocks are done - 4 more to go!

All the last 4 blocks are in different stages of completion, so my goal today is to do as much as I can on them.

I have only 3 blocks totally finished - 2 heart blocks + the shopper Angel.
Maybe I can do some stitchery tomorrow ?
My focus projects for the rest of the month will be this quilt, for hand work and Leanne's House quilt for machine work.

One thing is for sure - I can not complete this top this month, but I think I can before Christmas, and that is my official goal. In fact I aim at meeting the group goal of finishing the quilt in 2008.
I started the quilt in the spring, so it will be a good goal :-)

Stina's top is done. It is beautiful!


  1. have done so much since you started...much better than me...who have had this going on for years... and they are so beautiful...
    Well done to you...Big hug!!

    And I saw the other day that you have released those beautiful patterns...good luck and oh my soo talented...wish you all the luck... Take care...:o)

  2. Your blocks look great! It is a good thing to set goals too. I know that I usually follow through if I set deadlines for myself. I can't wait to see it all complete. You're right Stina's quilt is beautiful!

  3. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Hello, Hanne ! :)
    Your blocks are looking so lovely. Actually, I'm working on them as well :
    I started them by the end of July, and have now completed 9 blocks in total. 7 more to go, among which 4are fused and ready for the stitching...
    Just as you, I'll certainly won't finish the top for this month, but my final goal is yours : top ready for Xmas, and quilted in 2008.
    OK, let's do it ! :)
    And YES, dear, Stina's top is fantastic...

  4. You done great job in short time. I'm now sewing and sewing on my top. Hope I manage to finish it before deadline.

  5. Hanne, all your Angels...they look gorgeous.

  6. I love looking at all the different angels! All different fabrics but Oooooh soooo nice!
    Well done!

  7. Your coming along well. I started mine really late and while I have worked on a few angels I haven't completely finished one yet! I do have the top partially pieced and the borders and binding all cut.
    Looking forward to seeing yours as you progress.
    Bec xxx

  8. Hoi Hanne, I am a belgian quilting, stitching woman and I love your blog. Congratulations with your projects. I really love to make the christmas stockings. Greetings denise

  9. The angel blocks are so cute, and I love your fabric choice. Look forward to seeing the finished top.

  10. Hei

    Godt jobbet!!!
    Var en tur innom May Brits blogg også, skal si dere har farten inne :o)

    Flott artikkel du hadde skrevet i NQF medlemsblad :o) koste meg når jeg lesten den!!

    Ha en fin helg!!



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