Friday, October 24, 2008

Time flies...........

Last weekend I had a gorgeous time at May Britt's, teaching in the local shop on Saturday, and enjoying visiting at May Britt's through the weekend.

It has after that been a busy week, and added that my body does not like autumn much, I have not been very active online.

I have added candlelight tea to my morning routines again, as the mornings are so dark now.
Tea, candles and stitchery at 7 am can save any day.
Great plans are laid and good thoughts are thought :-)

Two more angel blocks are added to my collection through the week, so now it is 12 down, 4 to go :-)

I still have a busy schedule, so I am not able to finish the blocks this month, which was the original plan, but I aim at finishing the top through November.

Ambitious plan, I know, but without a plan it is hard to reach any goal...........

Someone asked for my grandcat today, and here she is, only 1 hour ago.
The Great Furball, aka Tullerusk or Lille Rusk, still spends her weekends here, and when she arrives on Fridays she is soooo eager to get outdoors she does not even have time to say Hello.
She is an indoor cat through the week - I can't blame her.

My last Stitchers Angel Swap gift is soon ready to go in the mail. I have sent one already.
It is a pleasure to see that my swap receiver is happy about it :-)

The Summer Strip Challenge prizes are sent too - keep an eye out for your postman!

Today I have added Google Translation to my right sidebar, so if your like, you can read my blog in your native language.
The translator is not fool proof, so bear with some strange translations here and there, as it translates word for word by the looks of it - hehehe


  1. "Flying school"... lol... disse var utrolig søte!!

  2. Anonymous4:31 am

    Whew - so glad to hear your little cat is still doing well.

  3. Hanne your angels are just gorgeous...and the chocolate you sent me is just so yummy...

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful workshop! Your angels are wonderful too.

  5. Liebe winterliche Grüße aus dem kalten Münsterland


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