Saturday, November 29, 2008

2 small finishes

I am still in the slow lane with my right shoulder and neck, but I am doing steps forward nevertheless :-)
While stitching I am listening to books on CDs.

Yesterday I finished the stitchery for the sewing bag I am making for a Christmas gift, and today I finished the stitchery on the last angel block on the An Angels Story quilt :-)

I have not decided definitively on what colours to use for the sashings yet - I think it will be green - or maybe blue - or maybe both........... :-)


  1. Take care of your shoulder. We have a lot of projects to work on so you just have to be careful right now so you will get better.

  2. did you design that embroidery? It's so cute. I saw it below, but is that your pattern?

  3. Love what you're making. Take care of your shoulder! My left shoulder and arm worry me while I'm stitching and quilting. Have a nice Sunday.

  4. I say the same as May Britt...take care of your neck and shoulder...don´t overdo it!!
    Love your Angels ...they will be perfect with blue and green or whatever colour you choose... ;o)
    Your sticthery is as beutiful as ever!!

  5. Hello, we are some in France to want to fair the quilt " the year of angel story ", I make him(it) applied stuck there, with how support " steam-A-Seam " but the r├ęsuktat is stiff, can you say to me how you make? Or if there are explanations in photos? Thank you very much


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